Twelve Tiles Home
by Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III

This is a selection of short stories and other written bits that I've made. Quite a showing of lackluster brilliance.

Here's an example of my style of writing, just so you know what you're getting into. You ready? Glasses on and all that? Alright.


That was it. You just read it. Wow, what a ride, right? You okay? I hope I didn't blow your mind or make you cry too fiercely with my poetic letter structures and use of giant-sized words, such as "fiercely."

Also, fair warning, there are robots in a few of these. So if you're robo-racist, head out now.


THE VETERANSThousands of years after wars stopped costing human lives a new form a veteran lay forgotten beneath the waste.
Written for an AnthologyREAD!
Word Count: 4345
FROM LOST TO LASTINGDr. Watts and Dr. McAnders blindly traverse the mind of a dying woman at the request of a dear coworker.
Written Unofficially for To the MoonREAD!
Word Count: 4082
FACEHATSome people are born with their head positioned in an abnormal direction, and it's tough to conform.
Written at an AngleREAD!
Word Count: 811
EVERY TWENTY YEARSA man with many thoughts and few words writes a brief journal entry every twenty years for eternity...
Written Mostly SoberREAD!
Word Count: 1497
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEIt turns out that the first known instances of artificial intelligence were both musical and kind of unimpressive.
Written in TechnicolorREAD!
Word Count: 590