Twelve Tiles Home
Twelve Tiles is a sort of personal company by me, Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III. I use it to make independent games--the kind of stuff I have a personal interest in. Thoughtful stuff. Think-y stuff. But my own sort of think-y.

I may as well name the company after myself, but that kind of closes off the possibilities of future cooperation. Maybe it's all a bit silly, but so are we. I mean me and you. And all of us.

Here's some stuff about me:

I was born in 1986 from the groins of two regular folk, both of average humanity.

I tend to fall in love too hard and leave love behind too easily. I handle failure better than I handle success. (This is good information. I'm glad we're sharing like this.)

I'm an INTP and a Virgo and a skeptic of both the meaning and necessity of those identifiers in how I define myself. Or how I define others.

I love to run, and I mean that both literally and figuratively, depending on the context. I also love playing piano, solving puzzles, making puzzles, puzzles, and runningpianopuzzles.



BEEBUGThere are three songs in this bug-theme (and free) puzzle app by Big Palooka, and all three songs are incredible.
ComposerTo the Moon
A BIRD STORYHelped make touch decisions, gave programming advice, and discussed birds.
Development AdvisorTo the Moon
I developed chunks of To the Moon. Programming, story advice, puzzle design, concepts, the squirrel (dead), etc.
Co-Developer To the Moon
THE SAMARITAN PARADOX An adventure game with a compelling mystery story created by Faravid Interactive. You follow an cryptologist with little direction in life as he finds the last novel of a dead author. Great stuff.
Composer The Samaritan Paradox
MEGAFILLERS This is a sweet puzzle game by MegaBrutal. It's simple and easy to get into with the same sort of pick-up and play enjoyment you'd expect from Tetris or something.
Composer, Sound Designer MegaFillers