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Unravel the secrets of an underground fencing organization that requires members to wager their most precious possessions.
pink Genre:
- Eastern RPG
- Mystery
- Information Collection
yellow Playtime: 
- 8-12 Hours
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Florentine Blanc strikes gold when she gets accepted into FOIL, a private fencing group advertising a "new breed" of the sport.

The rules? Members must wager the object they care for more than any other: their Prized Possession. Florentine has seven days to prove herself. Each night pits her against one of the quirky characters clamouring to gain control of her trophy.

But what happens when members leave? And why are Prized Possessions such an integral part of FOIL's structure? As her experience in the isolated Ch»Éteau de l'Hiver proves menacing, Florentine investigates what evolves into a mysterious and ugly truth.

- Narrative-driven experience!
Memorable characters and engaging plot!
- Unique battle system!
Fencing variant where stylish bouts pay the bills.
- Custom art and music!
Hand-drawn art with foot-drawn compositions.
- Vocal SFX!
A variety of idiosyncratic voice clips by wonderful actors!
- Gossip System!
Progress hidden mysteries by chatting about everyone and everything!

Fleuret Blanc is primarily about the importance of objects in our life. Though the storyline follows Florentine as she unravels the mysteries of an underground fencing organization (FOIL) and its judges, she's constantly challenged with ideas of possession, collection, and obsession. Each evening, the members of FOIL bout with their Prized Possession on the line. The loser must relinquish the one object that they prize above all others, leaving its fate in the hands of their opponent.

Ideas of loss are eschewed in favor of balanced "rewards," and even failed bouts are rewarded with some cash. There is nothing in Fleuret Blanc that can be truly taken away from the player--except for Prized Possessions. Objects gathered are tallied at the end of each day for arbitrary points. And though collecting is encouraged for a better score, the overall implications of the act can be bittersweet.
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